22nd Nottingham BB and AA

1955 - 2005     50 years of BB in Radcliffe on Trent

The vicar of St Mary’s, Radcliffe on Trent, from 1949 to 1957 was John Phillips. He was the National Chaplain and a Vice President of the Boys’ Brigade. Later he became Lord Bishop of Portsmouth. John Phillips approached the Nottingham Battalion with a view to establishing a B.B. company in Radcliffe.

‘Volunteers’ from the congregation were then sought. The Battalion gave assurance that practical help and training was available and Mr A.G.A.Mackie and Mr R.E.Mellor bravely stepped forward; ‘Sandy’ Mackie was proposed as Captain and Mr Mellor a Lieutenant.

The “Famous Eighth” Company in West Bridgford at that time had an ‘Embarrassment of Riches’– too many Officers ! W.O.s John Tidy and Jim Onions were seconded to this outpost to assist.

On the 12th December 1955, the Battalion Secretary, Mr T.H. Spires arrived at the Church Hall with a short film and suitable programme material to stimulate an interest in starting a company. Enthusiastic Boys were signed up there and then.

As the 21st Company (Radcliffe on Trent) had lapsed in 1921 and the number had been re-assigned …..

The 22nd Nottingham (St Mary’s Radcliffe On Trent) WAS BORN

Golden Anniversary Celebrations

The 22nd Nottingham Company of the Boys Brigade was formed at Radcliffe (St Marys Church) in December 1955. A very successful 50th Anniversary celebration took place in December 2005.


Parade of past and present members

St Marys

Parade reaches St Mary's Church

St Marys

Three past captains


Reception at the British Legion