22nd Nottingham BB and AA


Activities: The activitiy lists given below show the range and types of activities undertaken in the various sections of AA and BB. They may not be complete, since new activities and ideas are introduced as we develop our work. Taken together, the Section lists show that the work is progressive and designed to match the ages, genders, interests and capabilities of all members, and to develop their full potential through their years of membership.

Anchor Boys and Girls

Ages: 5-8 years, boys and girls.
Activities: Indoor and outdoor games, exercises, handicrafts, quizzes, parades, outings and visits, performances, swimming. [Top]

Junior Section

Ages: 8 - 11 years, boys
Activities: Indoor and outdoor games, PT and gymnastics, marching and music, handicrafts, sports and athletics, swimming, parades, outings and visits, camps up to 2/3 days. [Top]


Ages: 8 - 12 years, girls
Activities: The Anchor Association provides BB Activities, adapted for the needs of Girls. The AA Group meets on Wednesdays at 6.30 p m. More details about this Group, and how it came into being in 1994, will be found in “About Us” on this web-site. [Top]

Company Section

Ages: 11 - 15 years, boys
Activities: Indoor and outdoor games, PT and gymnastics, handicrafts including use of simple power tools, electronics and electrical work, outings and visits, parades and drill, music including bands, sports and athletics, first aid and life saving, camps up to two weeks duration, adventure work such as climbing and expeditions, canoeing, sailing, sailing and seamanship. Members may be involved in fetes, carnival, and also BB national competitions.

Seniors from 14 years
As for Company, but with wider range and more challenge. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is followed from 14 years, and the Queen's Badge from 15 years. This involves leadership within and outside the BB, and a wide range of equipment.

Sailing Course Sailing Course Sailing Course