22nd Nottingham BB and AA

Sponsors and Donations

The AA and BB in Radcliffe use the original BB Hall on Main Road, which was last extended and modernised in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of H M the Queen in 1978, and this is commemorated by a small plaque placed in the front wall. Since the BB was revived in 2004, the new staff have been keen to bring both the premises and the activities into a good state. This has been made possible by support both in money and in materials by a number of sponsors, and by much hard work by the staff and older members. We give below details of some of the help we have received, some of which was for activities, while other help has enabled us to refurbish the Hall.

Help to pay for a visit to a Water Sports Camp in Germany in August 2006 was given by the Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club, and by Radcliffe Parish Council. This we hoped would be the start of more exchange visits, which hope was fulfilled (see below) in 2007.

Donations of equipment items from private sources contributed to the modernisation of the BB Hall toilet facilities. We now have two modern toilets, both equipped for disabled use, and with good washing facilities. Disabled access to the Hall is assured by a wide side door with a suitable approach ramp built some time ago. Help to pay for modernisation was given from Funds made available by Councillor Kay Coutts.

Grants from the Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club and from the B & Q Social Fund have allowed us to completely renew the kitchen facilities, with modern appliances and new tiling. This now meets hygiene requirements, and enables us to enjoy cookery which is a very popular activity with both Boys and Girls, and provide communal meals on festive occasions. Work was done by Company Staff, with help from Mark Greenhalgh.

To improve safety when Parading, we were grateful for a set of High-visibility jackets for Parents acting as stewards prepared and donated by Paul Toplis and Logostore.

Members of the Twinning Committee helped to pay for activities arranged when AA and BB entertained visitors from France to a Fun Day during the 2006 visit from Bussy St Georges to Radcliffe on Trent. A private donation helped when AA and BB Members visited Bussy on a return visit in 2007.

Much material help has been given by the Holly Farm Wood Yard at Bassingfield. Most of the wood from which the splendid model of H M S Victory in 2006, and more recently, the Trojan Horse were constructed for the annual Radcliffe Charity Carnival was from this source.

Most recently, we have had generous sponsorship from the Cooperative Social Fund, through our local Cooperative Store. This has allowed us to replace three windows in our Hall with modern double-glazed windows, adding to the warmth, energy efficiency, and security of our Headquarters.

Our list of sponsors would be incomplete without mention of the “Parents and Friends” efforts. This association has worked for many, many years to provide supplementary funds for BB, and more recently AA as well. This relieves the active leaders from the continual concern about fund raising. It also does enable us to run AA and BB with the lowest annual subscription of any youth group in the area, to the point that no young person is ever excluded from activities for lack of money. Thank you to all who take an active part in PFA.